Message from the CEO

Moses Zapien, President & CEO

Great things are happening at the Community Foundation of San Joaquin. In 2018, we realized a significant milestone by earning accreditation through the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations Accreditation Program. This accomplishment represents the Community Foundation’s commitment to going above-and-beyond federal and state law requirements to demonstrate accountability and excellence to communities, policymakers, and the public. We are the only community foundation in San Joaquin County to have attained this prestigious recognition. The accreditation seal signals to donors, grantees, and philanthropic partners that we are a sound place to give and make a difference.

The Community Foundation achieved another significant milestone in 2018—attracting charitable investment from outside the region. The James Irvine Foundation—one of California’s largest foundations—awarded grant funding totaling $200,000 to the Community Foundation to help build its capacity. This generous investment represents the largest, single, unrestricted gift ever received by the Community Foundation to support its charitable work. We are deeply grateful to The James Irvine Foundation for its support and recognizing the important role we serve in San Joaquin County.

The Community Foundation continues to build charitable capital that it can then deploy within an area of interest. In 2018, the Community Foundation began to award grants from the Brian M. Stocker Fund—a field of interest fund dedicated to promoting recreational opportunities and healthy lifestyles for children and youth in San Joaquin County. In the Fund’s first year of grantmaking, more than $100,000 in grants was awarded to various nonprofits. The Brian M. Stocker Fund serves as a way of honoring the memory of Brian M. Stocker, and his belief that athletics can be a catalyst for long-lasting personal growth for our region’s children and youth.  

The work and accomplishments of the Community Foundation would not be possible without the generous support of our fundholders. Together, we form a community of philanthropists, united in the belief that we can make a difference in the lives of others, and committed to causes larger than ourselves. The Community Foundation is appreciative of its many fundholders—individuals, families, businesses, institutions, and nonprofit organizations. It is in great measure that because of them, we can continue to help uplift our region to reach new heights.